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HI!, I'm Matt Gunston, artist, songwriter and performer...

I write and perform my own songs with influences coming from endless days and long nights growing up with Bruce, The Killers, Neil Finn, Noel G, U2,  Ryan A, Blondie, Billy J, Paul Kelly, Tom Waits, Lennon, Robert De Niro (that's right), John Steinbeck, Winston C, Roger Fed, Pink F, Loners, Stoners, Fire-crackers, Winners and cruisers, also-rans, Elton J and the old school heart breakers, James B, Freddie, Bob, Pearl J, Barry, James B, Aretha, BB, Underworld, New Order, Human League and Wham!  

I love music, I love making it and I love even more sharing it with you. All I ask is to join me and sign up for the ride!

Thank you so much for your support!
Yours, Matt!